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"Chantelle is incredibly intuitive, nurturing, and supportive, and her touch is very strong and deep. I find that Chantelle's massages really take me out of my distractions and holdings, and help me find my breath and core."  David

"Chantelle has loving caring hands that helped relaxed both my body and mind. She has a way of helping me to let go and trust someone else."  - Debbie W.

"Chantelle provides a caring and professional experience. I've turned to her often for helping to cut my stress and to restore my well-being."  - Karl S.

"Chantelle uses a combination of skill and intuition for deep, effective bodywork."  - Eli H.

"Chantelle helped ease some pain in a few tight muscles with her massage, she also helped with migraines I sometimes get after living my life in a pressure cooker as 3rd base coach of the San Francisco Giants. We play 162 games in 180 days and at 53 years old it can get physical. Chantelle allowed the healing in and got the breathing process back on track. Good energy, healing hands."  -  Tim Flannery

"She is a gifted and wonderful healer. Chantelle helped clear some of the physical blockages in my lower back and spine that I experienced while giving birth to my first child. Subsequent physical healing took place which cleared the blockages completely. For the first time in years, I didn't need to use pain killers to ease my pain - it was amazing!"  - Jo M.

“Chantelle is a wonderful person and massage/body work practitioner. I've worked with her a couple of times and she has demonstrated a great deal of knowledge and respect for the human body. Chantelle is a positive candidate for addressing your specific issue or offering a general soothing massage.”  -  Svea S.

"Chantelle's Touch Workshop opened a space for me to discover my unexpected barriers to intimacy.  Through exercises as simple as holding someone else's gaze, I came face to face with extreme joy, discomfort, tenderness, and anxiety, then held all those feelings and stepped forward with them.  The workshop was challenging.  It was also totally worth the internal resources it took to rise to the challenge.  I walked away with a greater sense of self, others, and the possibilities in between."  - Bonnie C.

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