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About the Practitioner

                     CA Massage Therapy Council Certificate  #24128    

Chantelle Lorenz started her formal training of massage therapy in 1997 at Minneapolis School of Massage & Bodywork and continued her education at McKinnon Institute in Oakland, CA.


Chantelle learned the value of touch through her family where her position was the youngest of ten children. She learned that the power of touch gets people's attention, creates connection, cultivates a present moment awareness, and helps one be embodied. Chantelle has developed a sense of kinetic wisdom through movement, growing up as a dancer, acrobat, and athlete, where she learned that her body was a vehicle for expression and exploring capabilities. She recognizes touch as a cradle to grave need which is crucial for healthy childhood development as well as maintaining health into elderhood. Social connection is vital to our existence and touch is a powerful medium.

Chantelle holds a bachelor's degree in social welfare from the University of California in Berkeley.


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